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What is a corporate identity and do I need one?

Posted on 2005-08-25 under News

Starting up a new business? An essential part of setting up your new business is having a corporate identity.

Now some of you might be new to the game and won’t know what having a corporate id means, so we’ll shed some light.

Think of a corporate id as your visual branding. This is the first thing that people will see when they are presented with your business in public.

A critical element of your corporate identity is your logo. There are so many companies that fail to recognise the importance of a well designed logo. We’re not going to go into details about the benefits, it’s obvious, but if you ever want to create a strong brand, do it right the first time.

Other elements included into your corporate id is your business cards, your complement slips and your letterheads to complete your corporate branding.

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