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Targeted Email Marketing Lists

Posted on 2008-03-07 under News

Are you looking to showcase your products or services to a targeted audience of opted in email recipients?

Do you want to grow an existing email database or qualify (profile) it properly?

PERONii now provides the means to provide targeted email lists in South Africa that fit your company’s target profile.

For example, you sell wine and you’re looking to market the launch of a new product through an email campaign. You can specify age, gender, area, income group, preferred drinking wines and more. This would apply to various industries with different profiles e.g. tourism, promotions, automobile etc.

The advantage is that everything is measurable in real time giving you excellent feedback on the growth of your seed database (if you’re using one), number of referrals, viral entries and more.

These types of email campaigns can fit any format like standard newsletters, viral email campaigns (like competitions), surveys and more.

Advertising agencies looking to do online email campaigns should look no further and contact us now!