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News & Articles

  1. 29 Oct 2009

    Thinking of running Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click Campaign?

    We have 20 $100 coupons to give away, first come first served. Terms & Conditions apply.

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  2. 7 Sep 2009

    How to improve your email marketing campaigns

    I'm going to go through a few things that are important in today's day and age when doing email marketing campaigns. Whether it's a one off campaign or your general company newsletter, there are a few things that you can do to improve deliverability and response on your campaigns.

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  3. 22 Aug 2009

    Marketing your small business online

    Many small business fail to realise that there is huge potential in them creating an online presence, at low cost.

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  4. 5 Aug 2009

    Schalk Burger & Sons

    We have recently launched the new Schalk Burger & Sons and Meerkat Wines websites...

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  5. 17 Apr 2009

    Online Marketing Campaigns

    PERONii has developed a viral marketing system to assist our clients in running various types of online marketing campaigns. Read more about online marketing campaigns in this article.

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  6. 9 Mar 2009

    New PERONii website launched!

    We have finally launched our upgraded website.

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  7. 3 Oct 2008

    If you feel adventurous and have some spare cash lying around for a luxury african safari, have a look at, one of PERONii’s latest creations.

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  8. 18 Sep 2008

    Get online exposure for your business

    You can now list your South African company for free or choose one of the paid membership options which allows much better features.

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  9. 11 Jun 2008

    We are Adwords Qualified!

    We have recently acquired our Adwords Professional qualifications and are looking forward to provide an even more dedicated online marketing solution to our clients.

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  10. 20 May 2008

    3D Design for Multimedia Application

    PERONii now has the ability to develop 3D designs, whether used in Flash or for video production purposes.

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