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Online Marketing Campaigns

Posted on 2009-04-17 under Articles

What is an online marketing campaign?

Online marketing campaigns can take many forms, but in general you can call it the timed implementation of a specific marketing strategy using online tools.

The goals

When launching an online marketing campaign, it's important to have proper goals set, that can be measured over the duration of the campaign. These don't have to be conversion goals necessarily, as even impressions count for some level of brand awareness. It's obvious though that conversion is generally the golden egg of any online campaign.

A conversion goal can be a generated lead, a sale, a click and more. These are determined when the strategy for the online campaign is developed.


Seeding a campaign is very important. This is where you generate traffic to your online campaign. Seending can take many forms. The best way to seed an online campaign is generally through email, but it could also be banner campaigns, text links and especially social media, if the campaign lends itself to this medium. The seeding medium will be focussed most to where your potential leads would be.

If you have an email database, it's a great place to start.

The seeding message is generally a teaser, that would entice users to click through to the campaign landing page, where you present your offering.

The landing page

Your landing page is very important. To tie in the campaign, branding and the overall message should be related to your seeding message. IT's obvious, but many companies fail to tie in the campaign and sometimes just send users to their home page. Consistency of the campaign message will increase your conversion ability exponentially and the means for conversion should be clear cut and user friendly.


What drives a user to give his / her details to you? This could be the fact that your targeting is spot on and the user has a big demand for what you're offering, but it could also be an incentive. Incentive driven campaigns are very effective in generating leads, but care should be taken not to overdo it. Incentives present the opportunity to do cross branding if you don't have something great to offer. As an example, wine and tourism go together quite well, so offering a mystery weekend away in the winelands, could work well for such a campaign.

Making it viral

How do I make a campaign viral? Many marketers think that viral is merely a 'tell a friend' type feature on the campaign, but it could be so much more. Multimedia and video in general have high sticky value and sharing potential and if done right, you can seed an entire campaign just through these. Sharing potential is what makes any campaign viral, so make it easy for users to share. Sharing can take place through aforementioned traditional 'Add your friends' names' functionality, but also throughout the seeding process with social media. Certain channels also simplify the viral process, like Facebook applications, that have huge viral potential if implemented correctly. Social bookmarking is also a solid viral element to consider.

There is a direct relation between the size of the incentive and the quality of your conversions. If the incentive is too big, the quality of your leads start to drop, as users scramble to 'invite friends' if it's mandatory to enter a competition. It's important to maintain a good balance here and think your campaign through.

In conclusion

We've covered only the basics in an online marketing campaign here, but the potential is huge. Viral online marketing campaigns can grow your opt-in databases and help you profile your customers much better. Even if you're just using a campaign to clean up your database, you'll quickly see who your valuable customers are.

The type of campaign you run can vary greatly, but these can include competitions, surveys and more.

PERONii has developed a proprietory campaigns system to help companies with their online marketing needs. If you are in need of running an online marketing campaign or want more information, be sure to fill out a free quote request and give us some details on what you have in mind.

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