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Marketing your small business online

Posted on 2009-08-22 under Articles

Business listings online are a great way to boost your small company's exposure. There are several options available to you as small business owner or as sales person that would increase your presence.

PERONii has launched The Business Directory several months ago and we're seeing a great increase in traffic. There is still great demand for local type searches on search engines, and directories, mostly being location targeted provide good returns on search engines for people doing local search. Being search engine specialists, we continue to optimise TBD to bring our customers a good return on investment.

The Business Directory allows for free and paid listings, but the exposure you get with paid listings far outweigh the impact that free listings have. There is however a need for free listings and therefor we provided that as well.

Here are some advantages that paid listings give you on The Business Directory:

  • Ability to include logo
  • A higher text limit (allowing you to add more text, describing your business better)
  • Ability to upload images to your own peronsal gallery (of products, or whatever you feel like)
  • Ability to create 'offers' or products (with multiple images for these) and to present them as specials, which are also time based (eg if you're running a specific special campaign). You can also add a 'view' and 'purchase' link directly on your offer (that will go through to your website).
  • Ability to add relevant keywords, search friendly URL's and other info that help search engines find you.
  • Ability to add downloadable documents (eg your catalog/brochure, application or registration documents)
  • Ability to set your location (great for location based search from search engines)
  • Ability to set your Google Map coordinates (helping people to find your company premises)
  • Ability to be rated by site visitors
  • Ability to add two types of advertising banners to your listings, that gets displayed on the main site and link back to your listing. This is extremely powerful as time and time again we see the most visits going to users who have added banner ads.

PERONii can also help design your banners, or set up your listing on your behalf at a fee.

View our comprehensive business listings membership packages available and choose the option that you feel comfortable with. Longer term listings obviously come cheaper when you work it out on a monthly basis.

And now for the typical infomercial, BUT THAT's NOT ALL! If you click here for a special offer, you stand the chance to get a huge discount on the general paid listings.

For more information on how you can market your small business online, why not fill out a free quote request and let us know your needs!

Happy browsing.