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Google Update - Jagger

Posted on 2005-11-04 under News

Over the last 3 weeks major updates (coined the Jagger update) in the Google search algorythm have wreaked havoc with many websites’ organic ranking results on search engines. At the moment, the third iteration is in progress and is said to last at least another week.

Google has many datacenters that serve results and share the “search load’ to different locations. With any major update the datacenters gets updated with the new software in phases and may yield different results from one to the other for your keyword phrases as the update is in progress.

Thus users in the UK might find different results on Google when searching for a term than users searching in a given location in the US. The best advice we can give is to sit tight and ride it out.

In the meanwhile, keep on doing what is natural, by adding content to your website that is relevant to your market and making sure that your website is on par with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.