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Goal driven web design

Posted on 2007-07-16 under News

When researching the feasilibity of creating a new website, you should ask yourself what the main goals are for your website.

You would like the website design to be user friendly, but also to make it easy as possible for the site to achieve the goals that you set out from the start.

Properly written creative copy, goes a long way in ensuring that you have enough call to action to achieve goals. Effective layout and professional design also helps your trust factor.

You would for instance want people to fill out an enquiry form, or to purchase something from your online store and that would be seen as a goal.

These days it’s possible to track users from the source of your ad campaigns right down to your website goals, so you can immediately see which of your online marketing campaigns are the most effective and to make adjustments to maximise your ROI.

That is what makes the Internet such a good medium for marketing. The real time ability to measure your website performance.

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