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Dynamic vs Static Web Design

Posted on 2007-05-15 under News

In this article we discuss dynamic websites as opposed to static websites.

Static websites are basic brochure sites. Small websites (5-20 pages) usually fall within this category.

Dynamic websites have functionality in the backend, usually connected to a database with a content management system, so that clients can easily update their websites as they please, by logging in to the administration section.

The advantage of having a dynamic website is that clients have a self service system with which to update their information as they please. Content management systems allow them to use a Microsoft Word (wysiwyg) interface to edit content.

Typical dynamic websites would be sites that need regular updating, have user registration functionality and for instance serve premium content that users can only access by registering on the site. There are many cases to be made for dynamic sites, such as that it aids in performing CRM functions for companies and that there is a level of automation that improve service delivery.

Static websites on the other hand are more affordable to build up front, but in the long run they tend to become labour intensive when having to update, since the web design company have to make the updates.

Improvements on the technology side have made some great functionality available to companies. It is important though to have a proper study done to ensure that the right applications are developed for specific functions.

PERONii can analyse your current systems and develop automation that will save money and improve how your customers / clients experience what you do. The advantage of for instance having a client userbase on your website enables you to measure the effectiveness of your products and services and design strategies to suit your target market.

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