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Big Daddy Google Update

Posted on 2006-03-23 under News

[Update] This update has been processed and fully implemented and most sites should have returned to normal traffic.[/Update]

Google has recently started to implement an infrastructure upgrade to their datacenters. The internet community dubbed the updateBig Daddy”. For the most part there are not any major upsets. You can go and test your searches at datacenters and which are live with the new data.

A few things noticed with Big Daddy:

Site searches (when you type seems to be handled much better with Google serving better results.

Google now also serves out much harsher duplicate content penalties and will try and serve syndicated articles as supplemental results to the original. The is still somewhat of a debateable issue that we will keep on monitoring.

They also seemed to have removed URL only results which littered results with insignificant listings. (We have not completely verified this one)

URL canonicalization issues are much better addressed. Earlier, your website might have been flagged for duplicate content since Google read and as the two seperate results. This seems to have been resolved.

Some 302 redirect issues have been fixed.